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About Forks Area Art Society

Board of Directors and Officers
President: Edie Deprofio
Vice-President: Erik Chuss
Secretary: Edie Deprofio
Treasurer: Bob Jordan
Board Member: Charles Hanson
Board Member: Viji Narasimhan
Board Member: TBA
Board Member: TBA
Image of Forks Municipal Building

Forks Area Art Society is an exciting and growing community art group which meets at Faith Lutheran Church Community Room, 2012 Sullivan Trail, Easton, PA, 18040.

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month. Each meeting features an art demonstration from local artists, showcasing their chosen medium and techniques. Everyone is welcome to attend meetings, both members and non-members.

History of the Forks Area Art Society

The Forks Area Art Society (FAAS) was started by Erik Chuss with the help of Charlie Hanson, Larry Rush, Kent Quain and several area art enthusiasts in March of 2010. In order to determine if there was interest in the arts in Forks Township, sign-up sheets were placed at the Forks Community Center and Municipal building in January and February 2010. Approximately 25 residents from Forks and neighboring communities signed up and attended the inaugural meeting on March 16th. Interest in all areas of art were represented at the meeting including music, photography, gardening, culinary, sculpting, painting, and sketching as well as art appreciation in general. It was agreed that the art society should not limit itself to a few genres and be open to all mediums. It was also agreed that the art society should be informal and allow artists to demonstrate and freely promote their work - but most importantly, be what art should be, fun!

The FAAS monthly meetings have featured some amazing artists demonstrating their skills and exhibiting their work. The first presenter in April 2010 was Charlie Hanson who exhibited a sampling of his oil paintings. The evening was ‘a hit’ and the art society was on its way.


Several volunteers attended the first art society Board of Directors meeting in May 2010 and quickly decided that the name of the new group should convey the membership as not being limited to Forks Township since many of the attendees were from neighboring municipalities including Easton, Forks, Palmer, Plainfield, Stockertown, among others that extend throughout the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and western New Jersey. It was agreed to name the group the Forks Area Art Society.

In October 2010, Charlie Hanson held the first of his really enjoyable “Sketch Night” and through the years numerous people of all skill levels have participated learning how to sketch and improving on their skills. Art classes of various kind have been offered over the years and the group has welcomed any artist who would like to teach the opportunity to do so.

Since 2012 FAAS has been a member of the Forks Business Association (FBA) with Bob Jordan being appointed the representative from the group.

In May of 2014 FAAS held it's first annual "Amp Up the Art" art-in-the-park festival. It featured over 50 artists and featured music by our areas talented musicians.

In November 2015, the "Cottage in the Woods" held its grand opening with well over 200 people visiting the cottage that day. The Cottage was opened after two years of renovation work with Rick Bryant, Butch Alteri, and Charlie Hanson providing a 'lion's share of the work'. Special thanks goes out to the Forks Township Supervisors, Parks/Recreation and Public Works departments for supporting the use of the cottage for artistic and cultural events for our areas residents. Since it opened the Cottage host art exhibits, classes, picnics, and many more art related events.

Over the years, FAAS has participated in Forks Community Days featuring and promoting the society's offerings as well as providing volunteers for the Crayola Kid's Tent. We have held a popular, annual Christmas Party, offered bus trips, visited other arts groups and events in the area, and just had a lot of, well to put it simply, fun!

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